Soybean Meal, Hulls, and Lecithin

OGRACO Dehulled Extracted Soybean Meal (47% Protein)


Soybean Meal

Flow Ability Agent – BentoNite Added Not to Exceed .5%

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, not less than47.00%
Crude Fiber, not less than3.50%
Crude Fat, not less than0.50%

OGRACO Pelletized Soybean Hulls


Soybean Hulls, Screenings 
Chaff and/or Dust
Soybean Milling By-Products
Net Weight on Invoice

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein, minimum9.00%
Crude Fiber, maximum40.00%
Crude Fat, minimum0.50%


Lecithin is a natural emulsifier obtained from the crushing of soybeans.

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