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Refined Glycerin

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Refined glycerin has many applications in our society today. Uses include pharmaceutical, various food products, cosmetics, automotive, and many more.

Product Specification

Product Name(s): Glycerin, USP, Kosher/Halal (Excipient/Food Use)

Assay99.0-101.0 % (anhydrous)
Glycerin Content by SG99.7 % MIN
Color (APHA), Pt-Co10 MAX
Fatty Acids & Esters1.0 mLs. MAX
Residue on Ignition0.01 % MAX
Specific Gravity (SG) @ 25 ̊C1.2612 MIN
Water0.3 % MAX
Identification A by FTIRPasses test as glycerin
Identification B by GC0.10 % Deg. & Eg. MAX
Identification C by GCPasses test as glycerin
Related Compounds by GC0.1% each & 1.0% Total MAX
Chloride10ppm MAX
Sulfate20ppm MAX
Chlorinated Compounds30ppm Max

Additive: None

Certifications: Kosher and Halal

Application: This 100% fully refined glycerin is used in a wide range of food and non-food applications. Product conforms to the requirements of the current USP glycerin monograph. This excipient product conforms to the USP Glycerin Monograph and meets Kosher and Halal requirements and is not intended to be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient or in pet food.

Availability: Owensboro Grain Bio-Based Products’ refined glycerin is available in dedicated food-grade bulk tank trucks or railcar. For samples, pricing, market information, or technical assistance please contact our sales office at the following address: 822 E. 2nd St. Owensboro, KY 42302 (800)874-0305

Use By Date: None