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Owensboro Grain Co. proudly presents our new line of all-natural, 100% soy, candle waxes. Our premium soy wax is made from locally produced soybeans grown by American farmers. It is among the finest soy wax you can purchase. Combine premium quality soy wax with world-class candle-production technical support, and you’ve got the recipe for some of the finest candles you’ve ever made, no matter the size of your operation. We offer a number of different waxes to suit your production requirements.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask how we can help you produce blends made especially for your customers.

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Our Product Line

M113: A soft 100% pure soy wax with a melt point of 113°F. Combine this wax with paraffin or other natural waxes to make a soft and creamy container blend.

M130: This is the “go to” soy wax for most candle makers with a melting point of 130°F. This wax combines nicely with paraffin or other waxes to make a great container blend.

M130B: A blended soy wax with a melting point of 130°F. This wax can be used alone to make a 100% soy wax candle or combined with paraffin and/or other natural waxes to make a creamier, softer premium container blend.

M155: Our hardest soy wax with a melting point of 155°F. This combines with other waxes when you need a little harder formula. It can also be used with other waxes and additives to make pillar candles and overdips.

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If you need more information, or aren’t sure which product is best for your application, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our candle experts at 1-800-874-0305.