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We are now part of the Cargill family!

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Bio-Based Products

Our goal is to produce the highest quality bio-based products possible under the most favorable ecologically and environmentally sound conditions that minimize waste products. We began refining USP Excipient Glycerin in 2014 and have the ability to produce 36 million pounds per year. Glycerin produced at our facility is used in food, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

In 2018 we began producing soy wax. The soy wax produced by our facility can be used to formulate candle wax and used in other applications such as cardboard coating.

Our vertically integrated operations include:

  • Highly-skilled teams of trained process technicians equipped with the latest computerized process technology.
  • Quality assurance staff and laboratory technicians using real-time process monitoring and data tracking systems to produce refined oil products of the very highest quality and consistency.
  • Specialized staffs of sales, service, and technical support personnel ready to custom tailor orders and respond promptly to specific customer needs.
  • Access to transportation by truck and railcar.